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Houses built post war with modern roofs generally have a cement verge, usually with a undercloaking, formed either directly onto the wall or onto the bargeboard;  


Originally, when this was done, it normally lasts about thirty years, dependant upon the exposure.


When lamination, flaking and falling out occurs, this is usually because either the cement mortar was not the correct mix and or not placed in the correct order of roof tile sequence.


Problems that follow this are:- water entry, frost and subsequent expansion 'blows the cement' water entry into the timber runner and purlins/noggins at the rear; pieces can fall out, hopefully not onto a person, creating structural weakness to the verge where tiles need support.


Rooflines have never fitted 'Dry Verge' and never will, as you will see the reason why on the top left hand picture.



Dry verge! Would you have it done?

And, trust the people selling it!

Pieces have fallen off

A typical example, where a

patch up had been attempted by unskilled workmen



The verge needed to be stripped and re-built which Rooflines have done

The verge has been re-built

which Rooflines have done


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