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Rooflines Case Study One

Harrogate – North Yorkshire; this property purchased in 1971; - the conversion, designed and built under the direct supervision of the now Founder of Rooflines.

The top photograph is taken from the original sale particulars when bought for £2000-00

The properties are now shown from the front and in 1999 the owner of the right hand property asked Rooflines to advise and quote for the replacement of the timber fascias in PVCu.

This we did, the Lady, accepted and it was at this point we advised the Customer of its history, and at a later time, showing the original drawings.

The only reason for replacement was to ensure no further painting costs, the gutter, we renewed, to the Customers, the left hand property still enjoying the original gutter and fittings today, but both houses had enjoyed maintenance free gutter from the original quality gutter placed on the properties in 1972.



Rooflines Case Study Two

North Yorkshire, where Rooflines originated has replaced fascias and gutters to many thousands of homes, but more often having started in one estate and continued over the years progressively doing neighbour after neighbours home.

Of 220 houses on one such estate, we have undertaken 130 homes, over the past 10 years.

We know from Customers that only an additional half dozen have been the subject of roofline work by other firms and individuals, in more than one instance the Home owner actually thought it was ourselves; sadly they were mistaken or misled and regretted, and wished that Rooflines had been the one.

When we have completed our 150th home on this development, we shall bring this and the individual property photograph to this page.

Rooflines Case Study Three

Isle of Man

This delightful and charming country property was recently rooflined using black fascia and large section ogee guttering complementing the original style.

Rooflines Case Study Four

Heavens Gate

This larger than average bungalow, was rooflined for its Northumbrian owners in December 2005, situated in an open and exposed position, its original timbers had not been able to provide the long term maintenance answer. Rooflines has now provided that.


Rooflines Case Study Five


This traditional granite barn, beautifully converted required one very important aspect, attention to the roofline.

The work completed in December 2004 retained the original form, but provided the long benefit of PVCu

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